Can my sponsor pay for my fees in advance?

If your sponsor wishes to pay the university directly, we must invoice them before payment can be made. Invoices are generally sent to each sponsor after census date.

When should I arrive?

All commencing international students and sponsored students are required to arrive in time for Orientation. If you are an Australia Awards student, you must arrive in time for the Introductory Academic Program or as required if enrolled in pre-course English or Foundation Studies.

How do I arrange my timetable and pick courses?

We recommend that you attend your School and Faculty academic sessions during Orientation Week (O-week) and contact your School to discuss the requirements of your program with an Academic Advisor. The University offers a number of Pre-Semester preparation programs which can help with the transition into studying at UQ.

Please ensure that you ensure you enrol in courses by the required due date

I am a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student – how do I enrol?

Commencing Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Postgraduate Higher Degree (PhD) students need to attend an induction session with the Postgraduate Administrative Officer at their School. You will be officially enrolled as a PhD or MPhil student once this induction is completed.

How do I find permanent accommodation?

Student Services run Accommodation Information Sessions for newly arrived students. You are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions before making any permanent accommodation arrangements. 

See Accommodation for further information on living in Brisbane.

How can I find my way around Brisbane?

Translink coordinates the bus, train and ferry services across South East Queensland. Type your destination in the Journey Planner or free app to find the best route. If you plan on using public transport frequently, purchase a Go Card from train stations and participating newsagencies, like Campus News at UQ. Once you receive your ID card you can apply for a concession Go Card.

See Getting to St Lucia for further transport information.

How can I find my way around the UQ campus?

View a printable map or download UQnav, a free app to help you navigate UQ’s campuses. Google Maps may also help you find directions to UQ and most buildings on campus.

How do I get my ID card?

New coursework students must attend a Getting Started session, enrol and then wait 24 hours before applying for an ID card. New HDR students can apply for an ID card 24 hours after completing the online induction.

See Starting at UQ for locations, times and further information.

What support is available for students with disabilities?

The University has a dedicated team within Student Services to assist students with accessibility requirements.

See Disability Services for further information on support for students with a disability, illness or injury.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

If an emergency occurs on campus you must call UQ Security on 3365 3333 or 1800 800 123 (24 hours). UQ campuses have security call points in strategic locations and are patrolled 24-hours-a-day. UQ SafeZone is an easy-to-use, location-based application for mobile devices that can connect you directly with UQ security officers or emergency services during any type of first aid or emergency situation on UQ campuses and sites.

If you are off-campus, dial Triple Zero (000) for Fire, Ambulance and Police around Australia.

Please be sure to report all critical incidents and emergency situations to your Regional Coordinator as soon as possible.

How do I upgrade my Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) from single to family cover?

Please make sure you check on the level of OSHC your sponsorship covers. If your sponsor does not cover your OSHC and this cost is covered by you, then you will need to make the arrangements to upgrade through your selected provider.

If your sponsorship covers you for Single OSHC and you decide that you would like your family to join you, please contact the Allianz representative in the Student Centre to discuss upgrading your cover from single to family cover. Please be aware that you will need to cover the additional cost of upgrading to family cover.

If you need to upgrade from single to family coverage prior to your arrival in Australia please contact your Regional Coordinator in the International Scholarships Unit to assist you in obtaining an OSHC Allianz Insurance single cover certificate in order to contact Allianz.

Am I allowed to participate in the UQ Abroad Student Exchange program if I am a sponsored student?

You must have approval from your sponsor prior to applying to the UQ Abroad Office if you wish to go on exchange. 

What happens if I need to return home unexpectedly?

If you need to return home due to a family emergency please contact the Sponsored Students Unit before leaving. We may need to await the advice of your sponsor.

I have fallen pregnant during my studies or have a medical concern which may mean I need to interrupt my studies, do I need to tell anyone at UQ?

Yes. Please contact your Regional Coordinator as soon as possible to let them know as they can assist you in checking the conditions of your scholarship and directing you to available support services. 

Can I change program while at UQ?

Any changes to your academic program must be approved by your sponsor before a program change can be approved. If you are considering a program change, please contact your Regional Coordinator as soon as possible, and they can assist in liaising with your sponsor.

Do I have to maintain a full-time study load?

Generally, as an international student and as a sponsored student, you must maintain a full-time study load throughout your program. There are limited exceptions to this such as a Faculty-approved intervention strategy or if you are ahead in your studies. Please contact your Regional Coordinator if you have concerns.

I need to extend my program as I have failed a course or will not be able to submit my thesis on time, will my sponsorship be extended?

This is dependent on the individual conditions of your sponsorship. It is recommended that you alert your Regional Coordinator and sponsor as early as possible as extension requests can often take a number of months to be considered. If an extension is granted, you will need to provide The University of Queensland with an updated Financial Guarantee and extend your visa.

​I’m struggling with my studies, what should I do?

If you are concerned about your progress in a particular course it is very important that you contact your Student Contact Officer/Regional Coordinator and seek help as early as possible. Speak with your Course Coordinator or an Academic Advisor in your School if you are worried about course content.

Student Services and the UQ Library offer a range of workshops and other support to help you develop academic and technical skills. 

Does the Sponsored Students Unit inform my sponsor of my academic progress?

In some cases, yes, your Regional Coordinator is required to send results to sponsors at the end of each semester. This is dependent on our agreement with your sponsor.

I’m an HDR student. How do I seek assistance with the progress of my program?

As an HDR student, you must reach certain milestones with your program. As a sponsored student, it is very important that you stay on track or advise the Graduate School and your Regional Coordinator, if you are having trouble or unable to meet a milestone this may affect your sponsorship or progress.

Where do I find my Regional Coordinator?

You can contact your Regional Coordinator either by phone, email or by coming into the office. View staff contact details.

I have a question which does not appear on this list.

If your question does not appear on the above list, please either contact the Sponsored Students Unit at or visit my.UQ.