Technical University of Munich Visiting Professor Program

The Technical University of Munich has posted a call for proposals as part of the Visiting Professor Program funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and The Arts. This scheme aims to internationalise the curriculum and integrate new and innovative research topics into teaching activities.

Lectures will be conducted in English.

TUM has been identified under the UQ Global Strategy as a priority partner and UQ is keen to expand engagement across discipline areas. For more information about current collaboration and partnership initiatives, please contact the UQ Global Engagement Office.

The submission of applications is exclusively limited to TUM Professors. You are encouraged to discuss an application for a visiting Professorship with your key academic counterpart at TUM.

Supported initiatives

Applications for funding can include the following;

  • Complementary teaching (seminars, lectures, workshops).
  • Further developing and fostering joint teaching/research projects.
  • Preparation of joint proposals and future teaching/research collaborations.  

The period for short-term stays ends on 30 November 2017; no stays can be funded in December 2017

Selection criteria

Successful nominations will be selected on the basis of following criteria:

  • Goals of the cooperation and level of innovation in teaching and/or teaching concepts.
  • Reputation of the nominated visiting professor and quality of existing cooperation (if applicable).
  • Alignment with internationalization goals of the TUM department, institute, integrative research center, etc. 
  • Added value for TUM students and young researchers/scientists.
  • Sustainability of proposed activities

Funding details

Funding will include travel expenses to and from TUM, public transportation in Munich and additional discretionary costs as approved by TUM as part of the application review.

  • Travel to and from TUM and accommodation expenses.
  • Public transportation in Munich.
  • Teaching assignments. Note: teaching can only be funded if the respective department issues a teaching assignment. The department may set the level of remuneration in accordance with TUM guidelines for remuneration of teaching assignments.
  • In exceptional cases justified by the internationally outstanding reputation of the visiting professor, an award may be granted. In this case, no other costs will be reimbursed separately. The reasons for an award must be elaborated in detail.
  • Per diem/lunch allowances/entertainment expenses are generally not reimbursable.

How to apply

  1. Contact the Global Engagement team at to advise them of your interest in this opportunity. 
  2. Subscribe to the UQ Global Engagement Update to receive official announcements and updates regarding the scheme.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the proposal call and official application form
  4. Get in contact with your key academic counterpart at TUM to discuss your nomination. Complete the application form and organise the documents listed below.
  5. Forward the completed application by email to your key academic counterpart at TUM so they may submit to the TUM International Centre for consideration. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  6. Your TUM colleague will ensure the application form is countersigned by the Dean of the respective TUM department.
  7. Nominations of potential visiting professors will be sent by your TUM counterpart via email to Mr Dominik Beisser.

Required documents:

  • Application form including:
    • Description of proposed activities.
    • Type of stay (short-term stay for developing/strengthening joint research/teaching collaboration; short-term stay including teaching in the framework of a teaching assignment)
    • Calculation of foreseen costs (the use of the funds must be directly attributable to the visiting professor; expenditure on material as well as additional support or research staff is not eligible).
    • Period of stay (eligible period for short-term stays ends on 30 November 2017; no stays can be funded in December 2017).
  • CV and list of at least five publications of the candidate most relevant to the proposed activities. 

The application must be countersigned by the dean of the respective TUM department



Global Strategy and Partnerships Team

UQ Global Engagement


Mr Dominik Beisser

TUM International Centre

For research higher degree students

The University of Queensland and TUM also have a unique research higher degree exchange agreement in place providing an opportunity for research students to participate in international research collaboration. For more information please contact the UQ Graduate School or visit the website.

Key dates

Applications can be lodged throughout 2017 but must be submitted at least four weeks before your intended visit

Documents and Forms