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Seed Funding FAQ

Who is eligible to apply?

All UQ professional staff, academics and researchers are eligible to apply. The Lead Applicant should be in an ongoing role or contract that exceeds the project duration.  Eligible applicants should demonstrate evidence of support by their relevant school / faculty / institute or unit in the form of matched funding, and applications must be signed by the relevant Executive Dean or Institute Director. 

What types of initiatives are eligible for the funding?

The Seed Funding Scheme is designed to support initiatives and activities that contribute to expanded collaboration with UQ’s premier partners, and in UQ’s priority countries under the Global Strategy Framework

Two examples are outlined below:

Joint symposium with a premier partner: in order to expand academic cooperation with one of UQ’s premier global partners, staff would be eligible to apply for funding to support the implementation of a joint symposium hosted either by UQ or the premier partner. Funding may cover venue hire and catering (for UQ hosted events), or airfares, accommodation and other travel costs for UQ academics and RHD students to attend the symposium if hosted by the partner.

Short term staff and student mobility programs: A school may have identified an opportunity to develop a short-term mobility program that serves to strengthen a relationship with a premier partner institution or industry body in a priority country. Programs that have not received funding under the New Colombo Plan or UQ Advantage Grants may be eligible to apply for the Seed Funding Scheme for financial support to cover the staff and/or student travel and associated costs to undertake the program. Alternatively, funding could be used to implement a program on-campus for delegates from the partner institution.

What is not eligible for funding under the Seed Funding Scheme?

  • Professional staff development such as attending a conference or workshop that does not benefit the broader strategic partnership
  • Travel grants for individual researchers or students, unless the application demonstrates how this is integral to achieving broader engagement outcomes
  • Laboratory costs or research data collection
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Salaries or consultancy fees
  • Research grants or top-up research funding.

The above list is not exhaustive. Please consult with Global Engagement if you require clarification around whether your initiative is eligible for funding.

If I was unsuccessful in Round One, am I eligible to reapply in Round Two?

Unsuccessful applicants from Round One will be eligible to reapply in this Round, however, we recommend that you first contact Global Engagement to discuss your submission. 

Is it compulsory for my school, faculty, institute or unit to provide matched funding?

To ensure that the faculty/institute is committed to supporting the partnership initiative with strategic outcomes, Global Engagement highly recommends matched funding is provided by the relevant unit, and will prioritise applications that can demonstrate this (via a letter of support or similar). Evidence of matched funding will need to be provided as part of the acquittal process upon completion of the project.

Is it compulsory for the partner institution to provide funding?

It is not compulsory for the partner institution to provide funding, but those that can demonstrate funding or in-kind support in addition to the matched funding by the school, faculty or institute will be viewed favourably. 

Am I eligible to apply if the initiative is receiving funding from an external source?

If you are receiving funding from an external grant or scheme, you will still be eligible to apply. However, initiatives that are already receiving funding from another UQ internal grant scheme will not be eligible. 

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed by a selection panel of senior executives, led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Engagement.

Applications will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria:   

  1. Anticipated outcomes and benefits
  • Contribution to premier partner / country strategic objectives
  • Likelihood of initiative to strengthen UQ’s profile with partner / within priority country
  • Breadth of benefit to UQ stakeholders (e.g. multiple faculties/institutes/portfolios)
  • Alignment with goals outlined in the UQ Global Strategy
  1. Alignment of activity with UQ’s country and/or partner priorities
  • Premier Partner Initiative
  • Core Partner and/or priority country and/or key industry partner
  1. Matched funding
  • Will the project/initiative receive either partial or fully matched funding from a School, Faculty, Institute or an external source?

How and when will I receive my funding?

If successful, you will be notified by email and Global Engagement will provide you with a Funds Transfer Form which will need to be completed by your Finance Officer and returned to the Global Engagement Office. For Round Two, successful applicants should receive their funding by the end of November.  

What happens to any unspent funding?

Any unspent funds will need to be returned at the end of the stipulated funding period (i.e. November 2017 for Round Two 2016). An acquittal form will be provided to successful applicants upon transfer of the funds. In order to avoid accruing unspent funds, it is strongly advised that applicants carefully prepare budgets and submit proposals only for the expected costs that will be incurred (up to a maximum of $10,000).

If successful, does the funding need to be spent in 2016?

Funding recipients will have up to 12 months to expend the funds.  For projects scheduled for implementation into 2017 funds will still be transferred in 2016, therefore it is advised that the relevant school or unit create a project with the appropriate fund code in order to roll over funding into 2017.

If the country or partner with whom my initiative is planned is not on the premier and core partner list, am I still eligible to apply?

The seed funding is designed to support collaboration with UQ’s premier partners, however there is room for flexibility to support initiatives which demonstrate strategic value to UQ’s global engagement and priority country objectives. In such cases, please consult with the Global Engagement office prior to submitting an application.