The Sponsored Students team manages a range of services for international sponsor agencies and scholarship recipients, from point of application through to student graduation and beyond. The team also coordinates UQ's participation in a number of global scholarship and grant program for current UQ students.

Sponsored students are encouraged to make an appointment during scheduled consultation times:  9:00am-12 Noon and 1:30-4:00pm

Room 811, Level 8, Building 69, The University of Queensland, St Lucia

  • Tamara Weissflog in the Great Court, St Lucia

    Tamara Weissflog

    Acting Manager of Sponsored Students Unit
    Sponsored Students, Global Engagement
  • Claudia Morales in the Great Court

    Claudia Morales

    Regional Coordinator | the Americas, the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia
    Sponsored Students, Global Engagement
  • Holly Roberts

    Regional Coordinator | Africa, Middle East, South Asia (including Nepal), Central Asia, Europe (including Russia), and Mongolia
    Sponsored Students, Global Engagement
  • Erica Russell in the Great Court, St Lucia

    Erica Rix

    Regional Coordinator | South-East Asia (excluding Indonesia)
    Sponsored Students, Global Engagement
  • Miho standing in front of sandstone

    Miho Hamada

    Acting Sponsored Mobility Project Officer
    Sponsored Students, Global Engagement