What our students say

Sponsored students enrich UQ's community. Read about their adventures, ambitions and advice. 

“During my time at UQ I have learned a lot about myself – how I work, what I am passionate about and how I want to put my knowledge to better use and to help my community develop,”

Puje is from Mongolia and was sponsored by the Australia Awards
“After studying at UQ, I have a global vision about the challenges that the developing world is facing. I want to apply my new-found skills and knowledge to make this world a better place”

Muhammad is from Pakistan and was sponsored by Australia Awards
“I am now equipped with the academic knowledge and practical experience of Communication for Social Change from UQ and am optimistic that I can make a difference.”

Nissa is from Indonesia and was sponsored by Australia Awards.
"UQ has a great reputation for leadership and innovation. Plus, Brisbane is widely considered one of Australia's most livable cities and offers a safe, friendly and multicultural environment."

Van Minh is from Vietnam and was sponsored by CPHUD.
“Studying overseas is challenging, especially with the different kind of education system. Thankfully the fantastic services and support provided by UQ made it really easy to settle right in.”

Aishath is from the Maldives and was sponsored by Australia Awards.
"Don't be shy, ask as many questions as you can, the professors at UQ are full of knowledge to be shared. Also don't be afraid of speaking English, the best way to learn is practising."

Bruna is from Brazil and was sponsored by Science Without Borders.
"What I definitely know is that my experience in Australia and at UQ has changed me forever and will always remain as one of the most important parts of me."

Gabriela is from Brazil and was sponsored by Science Without Borders.
“I have grown a lot, I’ve learned about different cultures and I’ve become more capable of debating issues related to development economics.”

Eddy is from Haiti and was sponsored by Australia Awards.

Arief Arman
"I decided to study at UQ because it is an institution that thrives on diverse opinions and ideas from people of various creeds and cultures. I have made many friends during my time as a UQ student. The camaraderie and bond that we have is second to none."

Arief is from Malaysia and was sponsored by MARA.
Warid Nurdiansyah
"UQ offers more than an academic degree. They will give you new awesome experience! I have become an open-minded person and can think comprehensively and structurally. My knowledge in safety and health also improved significantly through both theory and practice."

Warid is from Indonesia and was sponsored by Australia Awards.
Gloria Matic
"UQ will give you all the challenges and push you to your limits, but will definitely hone you to a better and whole rounded individual. University will be tough on you, but never forget to enjoy every minute of it, when you feel like giving up, stop, pray, breathe, explore the University (Great Court is the best), then start again."

Gloria is from the Philippines and was sponsored by Australia Awards.
Cecilia Uzca Sornoza
"To take the challenge of becoming a student of one of the most recognised universities in the world, it will be personally, academically and professionally invaluable. No matter the age, race, religion or gender UQ will provide you with the skills and experience for you to develop as a future leader in your chosen field."

Cecilia is from Ecuador and was sponsored by SENESCYT.
Ariyanti Dewi
"UQ is a great place to study and gain research experiences. Enrolling at UQ has given me many opportunities to develop research skills by working with experts and state-of-the-art equipment, along with broad collaborations globally."

Ariyanti is from Indonesia and was sponsored by Australia Awards.
Gervais Habarguira
"I have managed to network with different professional colleagues from different corners of the world. This has benefited me through the exchange of ideas and expertise in my area of interest/specialisation. The international networking has significantly widened the spectrum of my professional career."

Gervais is from Rwanda and was sponsored by Australia Awards.

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