• Aerial view of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Partnership for Australia–Indonesia Research

    The Partnership for Australia–Indonesia Research (PAIR) is a bilateral research initiative of the Australia–Indonesia Centre, with support from the Indonesian and Australian Governments, the University of Queensland and other leading universities. PAIR seeks to enhance research linkage between Australia and Indonesia across a range of fields. Research is focused in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, where UQ will contribute to research on agricultural commodities.
  • Cows in a forest

    Smallholder cattle enterprise development in Timor-Leste

    Cattle are already a valuable part of Timor-Leste culture. However, cattle smallholders are mostly subsistence farmers, and livestock productivity is typically low. A team of UQ researchers is working with partners in Timor-Leste to increase smallholders’ wealth and livelihoods in the region by training Redi Kamodi community groups to shift from subsistence to semi-commercial farming practices.
  • Image of a woman in Pakistan processing food.

    Creating smallholders’ wealth through efficient credit systems in Pakistan

    With limited access to innovative farming techniques and equipment, many smallholders in Pakistan are ill-equipped to take advantage of emerging food markets in Asia. UQ researchers surveyed nearly 1000 smallholder farmers in Punjab and Sindh provinces to explore how they are accessing credit and financial services, their current farming practices, and how new farming technology is adopted.

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