Briefs, reports and agreements

A range of online tools, resources and reports are available to support you to identify global opportunities and collaborations.

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Country engagement briefs

Country engagement briefs provide an overview of collaborative activity, research projects and grant funding, student enrolments and mobility, institutional partnerships and alumni data.

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Collaborative publications reports

Collaborative publication reports are developed by UQ Library to showcase the depth and breadth of research collaboration, including benchmarks from other countries and institutions.

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Upcoming visits to UQ

Information on upcoming official visits to UQ from overseas universities, governments, and other organisations.

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Trip reports

Trip reports outline the objectives of a Senior Executive Mission or other trip, outcomes of meetings, and action items.

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Current international agreements

All active agreements and updates on agreements in progress and new international agreements.

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Steps for establishing international agreements

Criteria for developing a partnership and flowcharts that outline the approval process.

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