Corporate memberships

The University of Queensland (UQ) engages with business and industry in mutually beneficial partnerships to bring about significant outcomes and create change. 

One such type of partnership, is paid corporate memberships. Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship (GE&E) subscribes to a number of corporate memberships. All staff members at UQ have the opportunity to take advantage of the many established memberships, networks and contacts to develop new international collaborations. 

To find out more about the memberships that GE&E subscribes to please see the complete list below and applicable contact person. 

Benefits of corporate memberships

Whilst every corporate membership has varying benefits for the University, generally, the memberships provide: 

  • Opportunities to recognise UQ at a local, state, national or international level
  • Ongoing learning opportunities for staff and students
  • Access to networks/communities of practice with the aim of knowledge sharing and idea exchange
  • Access to exclusive events.


Australian–United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

The Australian–United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce is an independent UK-based organisation, connecting businesses with interests in both Australia and the United Kingdom. With a diverse membership and network, it provides a platform for industry to access Australian–UK business intelligence, audiences and trade opportunities. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • access to UK-based Australian companies and network of 7000+ alumni, industry and government professionals
  • partnered delivery and coordination of high-level events
  • increased access to priority UK market insights, key events and networking opportunities
  • strategic positioning of UQ brand across high-level platforms
  • access to the latest intelligence regarding Australia–UK opportunities.

German–Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC), with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, has over forty years of experience and a competent team of experts and partners who can deal with all facets of the Australian market. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • exposure to Australian-based German companies
  • opportunities to leverage GACIC’s worldwide network
  • strategic branding of UQ among the GACIC Australian network
  • influencing policy dialogue through GACIC’s reports to the Australia Germany Advisory Group
  • updated information and intelligence regarding Australia-Germany opportunities.

German Australian Business Council

The German Australian Business Council (GABC) is a non-political business network created to foster relationships between Australia and Germany. GABC provides a forum for the generation of business opportunities, contacts and information exchange for those interested in bilateral trade and investment between Germany and Australia. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • exposure to German-based Australian companies
  • strategic branding of UQ among the GABC Germany network
  • influencing policy dialogue through GABC reports and Free Trade Agreement consultations
  • updated information and intelligence pertaining to Australia–Germany opportunities
  • invitation to networking events, briefings, industry and government updates. 

Australia–Latin America Business Council

The Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC) facilitates access to business and government contacts in Australia and Latin America, opportunities for information exchange, as well as lobbying and representation to governments. ALABC attracts companies from a wide range of sectors including resources, mining services, technology, education, agriculture, manufacturing and transport. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • access to events, marketing, communication channels with ithose in the Australia–Latin America business community
  • work experience opportunities for Latin American students with member network
  • identification of skills gaps in the Latin American private sector and matching those with training capabilities of Australian universities
  • one-year membership for students from Latin America or Australia with an interest in Latin America. 

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-government membership organisation. AusCham represents and promotes the interests of Australian businesses in Vietnam and Vietnamese business in Australia by facilitating opportunities, connecting communities, and promoting corporate social responsibility. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • access to AusCham e-Newsletter, app and website to share company news, updates, promotions and events
  • UQ profile on AusCham Membership Directory, AusCham app and website
  • access to AusCham members and companies
  • corporate and event sponsorship opportunities
  • advocacy services with direct access to non-government organisations and lobby groups;
  • some reciprocal membership benefits across other Australian chambers of commerce in ASEAN countries.  

Australia–China Business Council

The Australia-China Business Council (ACBC) is a national not-for-profit organisation with a network of over 20,000 organisations and a membership of over 700 focused on furthering Australia–China trade and investment. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • access to national briefings on the Chinese Government's strategic plan and priorities
  • policy and business planning initiatives with major government and industry stakeholders
  • access to high-profile and business-networking events
  • opportunities to liaise with visiting delegations and join delegations to China. 

Australia India Business Council 

The Australia India Business Council (AIBC), founded in 1986, is the only national body representing bi-lateral trade and investment relations between Australia and India. AIBC has active chapters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, and maintains close relationships with federal and state government agencies, the diplomatic corps and industry bodies. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • discounts for key events, including the Annual Australia India Addresses and Economic & Budget updates
  • invitations to members-only events, such as delegation visit events
  • access to member-only resources, such as publications and briefings
  • opportunities for involvement in AIBC advocacy and policy submissions
  • invitations for delegations to India. 

Australia Indonesia Business Council 

The Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) is the peak, non-profit business association involved in the promotion and facilitation of trade and investment between Australia and Indonesia. AIBC’s membership is diverse and includes major corporations, professional service providers, banks, insurers, education providers, travel companies, manufacturers, trading and shipping companies, government departments, sports and cultural businesses, students and others. Key benefits for UQ include:

  • discounted registration fees for AIBC events
  • subscription to AIBC’s monthly e-newsletter
  • access to members-only area of AIBC website, which includes specialised publications and reports
  • voting rights at AIBC elections.