Co-Chief Executive Officer, VANTAZ


Mauro is an Industrial Engineering graduate of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, and holds an MBA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Santiago. He is co-founder of Vantaz Group, a Management Consulting and Services firm with a focus in the Mining Industry. Starting in 2000, the business now has offices in Chile (Santiago and Antofagasta), Australia (Perth and Brisbane), Perú (Lima) and USA (Houston). He specialises in IM, supply and HSEC areas, along with shared services and vendor development. Before starting Vantaz did work in EY Consulting and in Mineduc at a World Bank sponsored project. Mauro has been part of Endeavor since 2008, a volunteer from 2010 and Director of Endeavor Atacama since 2013; is a former director of Auscham (Australian Chilean Chamber of Commerce) (2013); member of Minnovex (Supplier Mining Association with focus in innovation and exports); coordinator of the Chilean Shared Service Network; Director and Co-Founder of Santiago Bike Friendly (NGO pro sure bike cycling in the city); Director at Nevesco (Investment Mining Found) and Co-Founder of V Smart (Health Food Project). Mauro was awarded the 2008 Young Entrepreneurial of the Year by the Engineering Faculty of PUCV, 2012 Volunteer of the year by Endeavor Chile and Aushcam Man of the Year 2014.