Erasmus+ Scholarships for TUM - Frequently Asked Questions

How will the applications be assessed?

A final selection and nomination will be made on the basis of your submitted documents in accordance with the university administration requirements. Evaluation criteria has been developed in accordance with the goals mentioned in the announcement, the quality of project description/preparation and demonstrated value and sustainability of the project for both UQ and TUM.  

What is the application word count?

There is no specific word count required for your application however UQ recommends no more than 400 words in response to each selection criteria.

What are the insurance requirements?

All UQ staff who are awarded Erasmus+ funding and travel to Munich to carry out the approved teaching and training staff mobility projects will be required to comply with the UQ Travel Policy in all respects. Staff will be required to complete official UQ Travel approval forms and register their travel on UniFi to ensure the trip is registered as approved UQ business travel. Following these steps, UQ Travel Insurance will be in effect. For more information please see Governance and Risk.

What are the reporting requirements?

All UQ staff who are awarded Erasmus+ funding will be required to complete a short survey sent directly to them by the European Union and a brief report for submission to the Technical University of Munich. The report template can be provided to you prior to your arrival in Munich.