Launch the Partner Engagement Framework

‚ÄčThe Partner Engagement Framework (PEF) measures engagement with international partner universities using indicators related to various aspects of institutional collaboration and linkages.

The framework allows The University to assess areas of current strength, potential future engagement and where further development is needed to maximise the mutual benefit made possible by these partnerships.

The PEF measures engagement with 345 international partner universities from 45 countries based on 16 learning, discovery and staff indicators, updated with 2013 data and results presented on a sliding scale to demonstrate low, medium and high engagement.

The PEF will be updated annually and depending on the availability of data finalised by mid-February. It is a valuable resource when engaging with partners, assessing the impact of engagement and tracking outcomes.

Partner Engagement Framework - example

Indicators include graphs highlighting the five year trends and detailed reporting is available via the UQ Reportal allowing users to rank partners and apply filters to analyse performance. The PEF includes all university partners with whom the University has an active signed agreement (MOU, MOA, Letter of Intent) as per the Global Engagement agreements database. Note for some United States institutions, results for an entire University system (for example, the University of California) are displayed in aggregate where it is not possible to disaggregate data by campus.

Partner Engagement Framework - example joint collaborations

Partner Engagement Framework - example reportal

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