Launch the Country Engagement Framework

The Country Engagement Framework (CEF) provides a consolidated view of UQ’s international performance by Country. The CEF includes 80 countries measuring performance and engagement across 15 learning, discovery and engagement indicators. The indicators currently reflect UQ’s 2013 performance with results presented on a sliding scale to reflect low, medium and high engagement.

The CEF is a valuable resource in development of country strategies and benchmarking performance or when engaging with government, industry, research and educational institutions internationally. The CEF will be updated annually depending on the availability of data. 

Each indicator includes a graph highlighting the trend over the last five years and detailed reporting is available via the UQ Reportal. The reports include five year trends and allow users to rank countries and apply filters to analyse performance.

Country  Engagement Framework example

Country Engagement Framework - example joint collaborations

Country Engagement Framework - example reportal

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