Global sustainability and wellbeing initiatives receive QUEX Accelerator Grants

8 November 2018

Four collaborative research projects have been approved for $200,000 in funding in the inaugural QUEX Accelerator Grant Scheme round. A total of 19 eligible applications were received for this round amounting to more than $900,000 in requested funding.

Under the banner of Global Sustainability and Wellbeing, a range of cooperative initiatives across learning, discovery and engagement will be jointly developed and implemented through the Scheme.

Congratulations to the successful applicants:

  • Diamantina Institute (UQ) – Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science (Exeter): Developing statistical genetics methods to estimate causal maternal effects on offspring disease outcomes. 
  • Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (UQ) – European Centre for Environment and Human Health (Exeter): QUEX Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Alliance: A new approach to AMR surveillance.
  • School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (UQ) – Geography (Exeter): Partnership for Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reef Coastlines.
  • Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (UQ) – Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health (Exeter): Other ways to connect? The social connectedness of older people and the impact of technology. 

The QUEX Accelerator Grants Scheme is an initiative of the QUEX Institute, a partnership between UQ and the University of Exeter. The partnership is a joint commitment to co-produce research of the highest quality, boost industry and business collaboration, and publish high-level policy reports designed to inform and shape key government initiatives across the globe.