Our mission

We support the development and implementation of The University of Queensland's Global Strategy and enhance the reputation of UQ as a leading global university through the management of international partnerships, programs and projects. We build and maintain a network of strategic international relationships and collaborations and provide expert support and advice to stakeholders, with the aim of identifying and prioritising opportunities that will showcase and extend UQ’s research, teaching and learning, and engagement activities.

Our values

Excellence in what we do and what we say


  • We provide support, mentoring, training, and professional development opportunities to enable staff to excel
  • We provide a work culture and environment that fosters excellence
  • We clearly articulate goals and expectations
  • We set goals and benchmarks for success
  • We provide tools and resources to allow teams to work efficiently and effectively

Innovative thinking for exceptional outcomes


  • We have a culture of creativity and curiosity
  • We have processes that promote high performance and success
  • We have robust and inclusive planning processes
  • We seek new knowledge and experiences

Open and collaborative team environment

speech bubble

  • We celebrate individual and team success
  • We encourage intra-team participation and collaboration
  • We create time and space for fun

Ownership both as individuals and as a team


  • We adhere to ethical standards
  • We follow policies and procedures
  • We provide value to the business unit
  • We champion UQ’s global strategy
  • We have clear definitions of roles and responsibilities

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